Recovering from illness

So not much happened other than a waning fever and terrible cold sores taking advantage of my weakened immune system.

Ellen’s birthday is coming up so we got her a present, and I also got myself the last of my electronic toys to complete the set.

Nexus 7! 32GB. It will replace my 1st gen Transformer Tablet that was just a little too bulky at 10″ to be really that useful. The Transformer has now been converted to a glorified Digital Picture Frame. it’s not too shabby.

Movie Wednesday was a success! Dante, Pat, and I got some sushi prior to the movie and then went to watch the new Robocop. I watched the original at Will’s on Monday and the number of subtle references/throwbacks to the first one was very well done. It wasn’t blatantly in your face, “HEY REMEMBER THIS?” But it was worked in pretty streamlined in the new version. I was pretty impressed, and was very glad to have rewatched the original with Will before going to see the new one.

Not much to talk about this week, so check in next week!


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