Indiana Christmas Edition

Another month and another tick towards completing my “see Jimmy once a month since BBQFest in May” goal. Only 5 more months to go! This time I went down to hang out and deliver the presents I got them.

121713-001Leading up to my departure there were concerns that Winter Storm Electra would inconvenience and otherwise endanger me on my travels. I was convinced (after a small bit of research) that Electra would not be as bothersome as everyone was expecting it to be. On my drive down I probably only encountered about 5 min of moderate snow around Dayton, and that was about it. I think it was raining a bit as I actually pulled into Jimmy’s driveway. It always rains at least once when I visit them.

121713-002 121713-003
121713-004 121713-005

Upon my arrival I distributed my presents to their intended recipients. We had to wake up a sleepy Skyla, but we had Dude do it (well we actually told him we couldn’t open the presents until Skyla was up, so he got to work).

121713-007 121713-008
121713-009 121713-010
121713-011 121713-012
Got Dude a Michigan hoodie, so he can represent. Go Blue!

The next day, we woke up and Jennifer came over to hang out a bit. I haven’t seen her in months! We watched Jimmy play some of the Gran Turismo 6 I got him, and also played some Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PS4. We headed over to Lori’s and just hung out, played PS4 (despite my limited game selection), and then decided on what our evening plans were. Unfortunately, Jen had to go and work that evening so was unable to join us for our evening activities, but instead we picked up Eli’s lady friend Autumn for the fun. We decided on going Ice Skating, well Skyla and I decided on Ice Skating and spent the rest of our energies convincing everyone else to go. Lori and I decided after Ice Skating we’d make comfort food and watch a movie.

121713-013 121713-014
121713-015 121713-016
121713-017 121713-018
121713-019 121713-020
121713-021 121713-022
121713-023 121713-024

Ice skating was an interesting experience. It’s been a long time since I’ve been, but a lot of the Downs’ have never been (or have only gone once/twice before). After a half hour or so, they all go their sea legs so to speak.


After ice skating we stopped by Walmart to get ingredients necessary to make cheddar crusted chicken pot pie. While Lori and I cooked, Zack & Jimmy played Knack and got pretty far. Watching it was pretty cinematic, and I decided that next time I went down I’d bring Uncharted and it’d be a “movie night” of sorts with it. We ended up finishing Knack Sunday before I left, and it was pretty good for a launch title platformer.

As always, it was a blast to see the Downs and I look forward to when I get to see them all again! Hopefully they’ll be able to come up for the North American International Auto Show!


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