Christmas Shopping: Complete

So I am officially done with Christmas shopping and I’m pretty happy I didn’t go over budget, barely. Pretty pleased with that, as I had 25 people that I bought presents for. Now to wrap them. I found some pretty cool golden snowman wrapping paper that caught my eye amidst the swath of options at Meijer.

Doing pretty well with my budget, so pretty pleased with how things are turning out. I can be an adult if I need to be! Woo!

Found this article while perusing reddit, and was pretty bewildered. I kind of think one side is overreacting, and the other side (the parents) are underreacting. If this is a repeating problem and he’s getting in trouble for it, maybe you should talk about it with your child. Seems like a “son, you shouldn’t do that” talk is in order. Probably one of the best replies to the thread is as follows:

[–]SentientZed 1320 points 14 hours ago*

When I was in kindergarten, I started looking up girls skirts and kissing them on the playground. I was talked to by my teacher twice about it and I cut that shit out. I got the message. No suspension, no sexual harassment charge. I imagine this to be the case in most areas still – this particular school just went full retard. There is no benefit in treating children that age as sexual predators because 99.99% of the times, they aren’t – they’re just dumb and curious. They need to be educated, not punished.

As I am told/recall/found a principal’s note while cleaning out our basement. I got sent to the principal’s for kicking some kid because he was holding hand with a girl. I presume that I liked this girl also but who knows, I was 5. Don’t think I’ve kicked anyone else since then. I kind of feel like a lot of parents don’t want to parent.

This has been a pretty pictureless post….so I guess I’ll send with a picture of my one week beard!



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