Dante’s Birthday Dinner

This past week was Dante’s 26th birthday. To celebrate his existence on the big, blue marble for 26 years without kicking the bucket we went out to dinner. The birthday boy got to pick the culinary fare and eventually decided on Chinese. We headed to Hong Hua since he had never been.

One thing that everyone reading this in Michigan should know about Hong Hua. It’s one of the best Chinese restaurants in Southeastern Michigan. It is one of the only places I consistently see Asian immigrant families go for special occasions and in large numbers. Other places are suggested, but this is the primary establishment that is always suggested because it serves very high quality traditional Chinese cuisine.

They have amazing Peking Duck that they serve in two courses. You can choose the second course as lettuce wraps or fried rice, but you would be a fool not to order lettuce wraps. It is so delicious. Peking Duck is my favorite dish ever, and I think a new life goal now is to learn how to make it before I turn 40.

Elson, Sarah, Ellen, and I showed up to celebrate the passing of Dante’s 25th year, and rang in the 26th with delicious food. We ordered 4 dishes and devoured them all. It was technically 5 though since the Peking Duck was two courses. I’d translate them all for you, but we ordered in Mandarin so I will add the names if enough people ask for it. Otherwise, I guess you’ll just have to go to dinner with me sometime 🙂

073113-001 073113-002
073113-003 073113-004
073113-005 073113-006
073113-007 073113-008
073113-009 073113-010
073113-011 073113-012
073113-013 073113-014
073113-015 073113-016

My rather eerie fortune….I do have an exercise routine, but it’s fallen by the wayside. It’s like the fortune cookie is yelling at me.


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