Twisit – Twin Visit

So this title is just a failed portmanteau. But I thought I should at least try. In any case, I think I’m back on schedule almost. Got posts being written ahead of time, and I’ve decided that just cause 3 things happened over the weekend doesn’t mean I can’t make 3 posts and put them up no Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But for now Monday is a definite post, and trying to add Friday as a regular thing too.

Almost lost all of the pictures from the Hitt-Codding wedding just now. But luckily, I managed to recover a majority of them with some data recovery software. Only 2 of the pictures were damaged beyond recovery, but still salvaged more than 90% of them! So I’d call that a success.

So anyways like I said, twin came to visit! She was in Michigan most of the week, but meandered over to our side of the state for the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I met her for dinner on Friday after work at Sushi House where I gorged myself on delicious sushi. Sushi House is definitely in my top 5 sushi establishments in southeastern Michigan. Afterwards, we hung out at my house and watched some movies and caught each other up on our lives.

072213-001 072213-002

The next day we woke up and cooked some breakfast before getting ready to go to Art Fair. We picked up Elson on the way, and I delivered him his birthday gift (Crown Royal Maple, it’s delicious I recommend you try it). The three of us wandered around art fair a bit, but my main purpose for going this year was to pick up another journal from Iona Handcrafted Books. I got one of their small ones two years ago, and I love it. This was the only reason I came to art fair, was to purchase another one of their books. This time I got one of their normal sized journals so that I could write ideas, plan my videos, and record general musings in it. She also sells photo albums that look fantastic. All the books are leather-bound and look very classy. I recommend stopping buy and purchasing some product next time you’re at art fair.

Twin’s obsession with ice cream prompted us to stop by Stucchi’s on State St. as the one on South University had burned down. After obtaining our frozen confections, we finished our walk-around and headed home.

072213-003 072213-004
072213-005 072213-006


The evening’s plans were suggested by John a few days prior. He had heard about Pig & Whiskey in Ferndale and wanted to attend. The event sounded delicious and twin was also excited at its prospect. So we met her friend Melissa, Ryan (Melissa’s husband), and Melissa’s sister Andrea at the event and we went around drinking whiskey and eating BBQ.  We only stayed for there hours, but I had a pretty good buzz after the $20 of drink tickets (8 of ’em) we used. Overall including the food, I spent about $36. The food was all reasonably priced and the entire event reminded me of BBQ fest. The ability to drink everywhere though was definitely a plus. It was also interesting to taste the different style of BBQ up here when compared to the BBQ there.

There were a lot of whiskey’s there. When I get a chance to grab the pictures out of my phone, I’ll update this post with them. Some of the whiskey’s I’ve never heard before, but I really enjoyed drinking the Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey. It was delicious. Going to have to find some now. The Valentine Distilling Co. brought whiskey over in their own little tent, and while the limited edition was good, the barrel strength whiskey was astounding. Superbly smooth, and with a great flavor it is definitely worth the $350 price tag.

072213-008 072213-009
072213-010 072213-011
072213-012 072213-013
072213-014 072213-015
072213-016 072213-017
072213-018 072213-019
072213-020 072213-021
072213-022 072213-023
072213-024 072213-025
072213-026 072213-027
072213-028 072213-029
072213-030 072213-031
072213-032 072213-033
072213-034 072213-035

Nothing like making new friends. The guy gave me money to buy the corn on the cob since we were at the front of the line. Good people.
Nothing like making new friends. The guy gave me money to buy the corn on the cob since we were at the front of the line. Good people.
072213-038 072213-039
072213-040 072213-041
072213-042 072213-043
072213-044 072213-045

$350 Dollar Whiskey Barrels
$350 Dollar Whiskey Barrels
072213-048 072213-049
072213-050 072213-051

072213-052It’s always a great time with twin, and this was no exception. I look forward to our next foray together.


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