International Bar-B-Q Festival

Jimmy had informed us about a very large BBQ festival near his hometown in Indiana while he was still living in Michigan. But we were too late for it last year. So this year, on May 10th, I grabbed a handful of friends that were willing to make the 7 hour trek to Jimmy’s in Indiana for good food, good friends, good times, and good memories.

Friday evening was our first experience with the BBQ fest. It is very difficult to describe all the BBQ we had other than spectacularly delicious. Probably some of the best pulled pork and chopped mutton sandwiches I’ve ever had. Granted I don’t have that much chopped mutton to begin with, but it was so delicious. $20 never bought me so much food. Jimmy and I were splitting the sandwiches so that we could sample as much food as possible. Everyone loved it.

061413-061 061413-062
061413-001 061413-002
061413-003 061413-004
061413-005 061413-063
061413-007 061413-008
061413-064 061413-065
061413-009 061413-010

Luke and I trying Burgoo for the first time

Whilst taking shelter from the rain, we happened upon Pooh Bear
061413-013 061413-014

At some point, Luke ended up with some funnel cake. John and Luke indulged in some deep-fried snickers as well. I happily sampled it. Was definitely interesting.

061413-015 061413-016
061413-017 061413-018


After the boys had left on Friday, we headed back out to Owensboro for more BBQ – also lunch. This time there was a car show going on, and the BBQ was going full steam ahead. The smoke was rising from the streets in plumes, and if you weren’t aware what was going on you might have thought some sort of inferno was making its way through Owensboro –  delicious smelling inferno of pork, chicken, and mutton. The “backyard competitors” were also out. These are people who smoke/BBQ casually and were competing for some kind of prize.

061413-020 061413-021
061413-022 061413-023
061413-066 061413-068
061413-069 061413-070
061413-024 061413-025
061413-071 061413-027
061413-026 061413-029
061413-030 061413-031


061413-036 061413-038
061413-028 061413-037
061413-039 061413-040
061413-041 061413-042
061413-043 061413-044
061413-046 061413-045
061413-047 061413-048
061413-056 061413-049
061413-050 061413-051

Deep fried oreos


Jimmy’s friend was out and had a pig-shaped smoker. We made our way to him, while grazing on the free samples being offered by the various tents. When we got there we learned that there was still some time before his fare would be cooked, so we walked around picking up more sandwiches before making our way back to the pig smoker. He had made some delicious ribs and wings that we were lucky to sample. Unfortunately I was way too full or else I’d have been able to eat everything. It was extremely delicious though.

061413-033 061413-034
061413-035 061413-055

After stuffing ourselves with delicious BBQ we walked along the riverfront where I found a chair to pass out into a food coma for a bit. The girls went shopping at the crafts tents and I took a nice little nap in the Kentucky sun. It was very comfortable, makes me want to visit the Detroit riverfront more often.

061413-057 061413-058
061413-059 061413-060

This event is way too amazing to not come annually. I am going to have to set aside some time every year to come and gorge myself on some of the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten. If you haven’t gone, I highly recommend making your way to this event and bring an empty stomach. See you there next year!


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