International Bar-B-Q Festival

Jimmy had informed us about a very large BBQ festival near his hometown in Indiana while he was still living in Michigan. But we were too late for it last year. So this year I grabbed a handful of friends that were willing to make the 7 hour trek to Jimmy’s in Indiana for good food, good friends, good times, and good memories.

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Mammoth Caves

During our stay in Indiana, we decided that since Mammoth caves was only 2 hours away, it would be a fun side-trip to visit before BBQfest started. 8 of us piled into Lori and Zack’s Expedition, and the other 4 piled into Luke’s pickup for the 2 hour journey. Although nature tried to hinder us from exploring her cavernous wonders by making us drive through torrential rains (some might say monsoon), we made it to the national park in one piece.

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