Settling Down

Man things have finally started settling down. I really didn’t think moving + the housewarming party would be that big of a distraction from my daily routine. I think it would’ve been less of one if it wasn’t for the fact my stuff can’t go in the spot that it is supposed to. Remodeling and […]

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I have two posts queued up about my last Indiana trip and Sarah’s birthday at Giovanni’s, but awaiting the addition of pictures which is what usually takes the longest, but I’m also moving to the new house today, so time is limited. Expect the posts to come late tonight or tomorrow. Hope everyone is having […]

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Hiatus is Over!

Hello everyone! It’s been a month-long Hiatus, maybe longer… but it’s over now! The last post I had being my 100th post seemed to be a good place to take a short unplanned break. Moved out of the apartment, wrapping things up with school and such. Life returning to normalcy. That means I can get […]

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Catching Up to Do

It’s been a crazy week. I’m sorry you haven’t had anything new and interesting to read from me lately. I just moved to my new place, and I don’t even have my computers set up. I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT?!

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