Hiatus is Over!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a month-long Hiatus, maybe longer… but it’s over now! The last post I had being my 100th post seemed to be a good place to take a short unplanned break. Moved out of the apartment, wrapping things up with school and such. Life returning to normalcy. That means I can get back into my routine of writing blog posts semi-weekly. Unfortunately this post doesn’t have any pictures, as everything is on my camera and I haven’t put those pictures on the computer yet.

I did install the release preview on my primary computer and the fact it lacks drivers for my video card is causing me great annoyance. Something is also causing it to constantly lag out and freeze, so I think I’m going to have to switch back to Windows 7 until a more stable version is out, and the drivers for my graphics card are fixed. Though my computer has stopped just shutting down randomly, so I guess that’s a bonus…..

The house I live in is small, but cozy. I am learning to get some vertical storage, because that’s what I desperately need. Now to talk to the landlord about fixing the kitchen…. Pictures to come! Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for a mass of updates.


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