Housewarming party

So as some of you may know, I am now a homeowner. After moving in and getting stuff settled, the next most important thing had to be planned – the housewarming party!

The holiday weekend saw a lot of people returning to the mitten to visit/celebrate with friends and family. I took advantage of this fact and held my party the Saturday following the Fourth of July. I was able to catch a lot of people that were not busy due to the holiday weekend, and also those that just so happened to be in town to relax. I even got some of my longtime family friends and pre-college friends to show up! It was a great reunion and I was so happy to see everyone. I wish I had more time to talk to everyone, but guess that’ll have to wait until the next gathering I hold.

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Settling Down

Man things have finally started settling down. I really didn’t think moving + the housewarming party would be that big of a distraction from my daily routine. I think it would’ve been less of one if it wasn’t for the fact my stuff can’t go in the spot that it is supposed to. Remodeling and […]

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Busy New Year

Hello hello since New Year’s! I hope you are all having a wonderful 2013 so far! I’ve been busy trying to get all my resolutions and things in order. You’ll be happy to know I’m right on track for all of them. Though the cooking show is being edited concurrently with this blog post, so it was supposed to be posted on Sunday but there’s a lot more stuff involved with this first episode than I first anticipated, but more on that later!


Since my last post it’s been an exciting week!

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Hiatus is Over!

Hello everyone! It’s been a month-long Hiatus, maybe longer… but it’s over now! The last post I had being my 100th post seemed to be a good place to take a short unplanned break. Moved out of the apartment, wrapping things up with school and such. Life returning to normalcy. That means I can get […]

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