Settling Down

Man things have finally started settling down. I really didn’t think moving + the housewarming party would be that big of a distraction from my daily routine. I think it would’ve been less of one if it wasn’t for the fact my stuff can’t go in the spot that it is supposed to. Remodeling and floor refinishing is happening in a few weeks, and it doesn’t make sense to put everything in its place only to need to move it again, so I’ve managed to decently organize stuff and shove it all into the basement. Plus after I moved, Jimmy came up to visit for the housewarming party! Ravi, Kasey, Chris, and a handful of other people were in town too! It was a really awesome time getting to see everyone again. 

Working on catching up my blog this weekend. Got a few posts that just needed me to put in the pictures, and a few others that needed the text. The move really left things in a hodgepodge mess. 


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