Indiana again? Of course!

On the weekend of June 10th, Dante and I headed down to Indiana. He hadn’t been yet, and he just so happened to have his 5 day weekend so I suggested we go have a vacation.

Dante ended up needing to go to his brother’s graduation on Friday, and we didn’t leave until 10:30 PM. Even though Google maps insisted it would take a little over 7 hours from Dante’s home, we decided that the time Google estimated was too long and that we would do better. So we left at 10:30 PM EST and arrived at 2:30 AM CST. That’s 5 hours. We’re insane. In any case, we arrived at Jimmy’s and I was immediately jump hugged by Skyla. We wandered over to the fire pit, enjoyed some beers with the Downs clan. I had bought 3 random shirts off of woot to open together when I got to Indiana. One for me, one for Jimmy, and one for Skyla. I ended up getting the least cool shirt, but they were all great. We ended up staying until the sun rose, and then stayed up some more.

071213-001 071213-002
071213-003 071213-004
071213-005 071213-008
071213-009 071213-012
071213-010 071213-011

We stayed up after the sun rose and then proceeded to play some frisbee before we decided to retire for a few hours. Some sleep is better than no sleep after all. Dante ended up passing out on Skyla’s bed, Lori was up, Zack passed out in the bedroom, Eli claimed his own bed, the Dude went with his dad, and Skyla and I passed out on the couch.

After a few hours of rest, we woke up and while different people were getting ready for the day Dante, Jimmy, and I did a little bit of archery. Jimmy brought out the compound bows and we shot at a target. I refused to use a wristguard, which made it much harder to pull the bow back….or I’m just weak. In any event we shot some arrows at the target, and it was pretty fun. I want my own bow now.

Once everyone was ready, we headed to Angelo’s to get some food for lunch and breadsticks. The breadsticks were delicious and so was the pizza.

071213-013 071213-014
071213-015 071213-017
071213-018 071213-019
071213-020 071213-022
071213-023 071213-024
071213-025 071213-026
071213-027 071213-028


When we got back from Angelo’s Mama and Papa Downs were home and Mama Downs wanted to test out the jet ski! So everyone got ready for some water fun, and we headed down to the river. Dante and I have never been on a jet ski before and we were both blown away by how much fun it was. We are now inspired to get our own, and Dante also wants a boat. It was just a lot of fun on the water. I bought some toys to bring on the river next time we’re down and I can’t wait to go back in August and September.

071213-030 071213-031
071213-032 071213-034
071213-035 071213-037
071213-038 071213-040
071213-041 071213-042
071213-044 071213-045
071213-048 071213-049
071213-050 071213-051
071213-052 071213-053
071213-055 071213-056
071213-057 071213-059
071213-061 071213-063
071213-064 071213-065
071213-066 071213-068
071213-069 071213-070
071213-073 071213-074
071213-075 071213-077
071213-078 071213-080
071213-082 071213-083
071213-084 071213-085
071213-086 071213-087
071213-089 071213-090
071213-091 071213-093
071213-094 071213-095
071213-097 071213-098
071213-099 071213-100
071213-101 071213-102
071213-108 071213-109
071213-110 071213-111
071213-112 071213-113
071213-114 071213-115

After our watery adventure, we realized we were hungry and so we stopped by Old Hickory BBQ for some food. The mutton was as awesome as it was during the BBQ fest, and we brought the food home for consumption.

071213-116 071213-118

The next day was really rainy, but luckily I had brought Settlers of Catan. Jennifer had come over to hang out with us for most of the day as well. For brunch Dante and I made some chicken bacon waffles. I taught the Downs clan how to play and we entertained ourselves until the early afternoon. When the rain stopped we went outside and threw the frisbee around a bit. Skyla suggested we go to laser tag, which we couldn’t really get everyone ready for in time, so instead we all went bowling!

071213-119 071213-120
071213-121 071213-122
071213-124 071213-127
071213-128 071213-130
071213-131 071213-133
071213-134 071213-135
071213-136 071213-137


So I suck at bowling. This session was no different. But I had a lot of fun, and we all had a great time together.

071213-139 071213-140
071213-141 071213-142
071213-143 071213-144
071213-145 071213-146
071213-148 071213-149
071213-151 071213-152

After bowling, we did what we did most nights and sat around the fire eating marshmallows and drinking beer while talking. I loved it. After most people retired for the night, Skyla, Dante, and I watched Rock of Ages. Skyla and Dante promptly fell asleep while I worked on updating my blog and talking to Lori after the movie was over. I fell asleep with the computer in my lap until the next morning. We spent most of Monday just hanging out with Zack, Lori, Skyla, and the Dude while Jimmy worked. We watched the BBC version of Sherlock and just chilled out. It was pretty nice.

071213-154 071213-156
071213-157 071213-158

071213-160But all good things must come to an end, and so we had to leave. We left around 8, and planned on being home around 4 AM. But we also made a pit stop in Athens, OH to see Ellen at her digs. So our actual time of arrival in Michigan was around 7 AM. I drove home, showered got ready for work, and then went to work. Luckily I got a fair amount of sleep on the drive home.

As always I had a lot of fun, and it was nice being much more unplugged than I usually am. I always just enjoy hanging out with Jimmy and his family, around the fire, and just talking. I can’t wait until I go back and see them again.


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