A return to the digital pen

Hello readers! Are any of you still out there? I know I left you without textual sustenance for some time. What’s it been, a month? Maybe two? In any case, I apologize for those of you that have looked forward to the semi-weekly updates about my life that I’ve become accustomed to posting on Mondays […]

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Balance Restored

I’m back! It has been a crazy three weeks. I was super busy preparing for my Master’s defense on May 31st. I gave my presentation, answered all the questions correctly, and passed! All that’s left is to obtain some signatures, which I learned today that I can do via scanning and e-mailing, and I will […]

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Back to the digital desk

I’ve been pretty productive and busy finishing up my Master’s this past month and a half, so my posts have been few and far between. However, I have a lot of pictures and drafts just sitting and vying for my attention. After yesterday, I’ve met with my Professor for the last time, and the time […]

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Hiatus is Over!

Hello everyone! It’s been a month-long Hiatus, maybe longer… but it’s over now! The last post I had being my 100th post seemed to be a good place to take a short unplanned break. Moved out of the apartment, wrapping things up with school and such. Life returning to normalcy. That means I can get […]

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