A return to the digital pen

Hello readers! Are any of you still out there? I know I left you without textual sustenance for some time. What’s it been, a month? Maybe two? In any case, I apologize for those of you that have looked forward to the semi-weekly updates about my life that I’ve become accustomed to posting on Mondays and Fridays. But now the drought is over! I think my daily routine is finally re-stabilizing. 

As many of you know, I recently bought a house, and these past 2 months have been a hurricane of remodeling tasks, cleaning, organizing, and more cleaning. But the house is finally in order, and I can live like a normal person and not a troll in my basement. It’s amazing how much more space is in the basement when every possession you own isn’t stuffed into it. I expect to have a separate post of before, during, and after pictures so you can all see the swan-like transformation of my abode. 

I promise though, I’m going to be retro-actively posting all the cool stuff I’ve been doing the last two months. There isn’t too much, but I have some pictures and I plan on going to Indiana this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some time to write. I’ll just have to queue up the pictures into the posts and work on it then. Thanks for coming back! I am hoping to have lots of exciting new content coming up in these next few action packed months. I just feel weird posting only text posts, but my life isn’t exciting enough that I’ll have pictures and posts twice a week forever. I can only wish I were embroiled in so many activities. 

See you all soon! 


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