Ravi & Nate Visit for a Weekend

Falling behind again in posts. I’ve been insanely busy this month and while writing the posts isn’t that hard, getting the pictures ready and up here is the most time-intensive part. In any case, I’ll have to retroactively add two posts about my visit to Indiana last weekend (the Monday, August 5th  post) and last friday’s post (Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert).  I think I owe another post too, the August 2nd post. Not sure what happened then. I’ll have to check, maybe I’ll just ignore it….

But this week’s Monday post is pretty short and sweet to recap the weekend. Didn’t take a lot of pictures, but Ravi and Nate came over to hang out before they had to go back to school at Michigan State. One of their last few available weekends to do so, though Michigan State isn’t that far so it’s feasible either of us could visit the other.


They came to visit on Friday and we ended up staying up until about 5 AM playing board games and Magic: The Gathering. I’ve been playing a lot of MTG lately, and thanks to Ravi, I’ve been buying cards again too. Managed to start revamping a lot of my old decks and constructing some new ones too. On occasion we took a break to play Space Alert and also sleep. We were watching Futurama when I fell asleep. I slept in the armchair with my glasses on. I woke up with no glasses and I could not find them. I still can’t.  Luckily I have a plethora of contact lenses, and I need new glasses anyways. Silver lining.

Saturday was more of the same. We woke up closer to 11 AM and played some Magic before we ventured out to get food around 2 PM at a Leo’s Coney Island. LaTonya texted me and asked if we were still going to play board games, and when I verified Craig and her headed on over. We played a round of Dominion using the Dark Ages expansion before Craig wanted to teach LaTonya how to play magic. He started suffering from heavy nostalgia and I’m sure we’ll see him again playing some MTG with us. ☺

Sunday we woke up and ended our social function with a game of 7 Wonders. I’m a big fan of my new game because of how simple and fast it is. Yet, it has layers of strategy. Big fan. After bidding adieu to Ravi I did some cleaning, and straightening hoping to find my glasses. Still no luck though, I hope I found them soon.

Next week is going to be busy with more remodeling. The bathroom is slated to be finished by the end of the week, and the kitchen the week after. I am most excited. The weekend holds a BBQ/Fish Fry at my friend’s house who lives just 2.5 blocks away. So that will be super fun as well, perhaps a short trip to Kalamazoo to play MTG with friends for Friday night/Saturday afternoon before I head to the BBQ. The possibilities are endless!

Also let’s not forget CHEESECAKE FACTORY OPENS tomorrow! Am already trying to get people together for a dinner there. Probably not this week because I’m sure it will be insane over there, but soon. Oh yes, soon.


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