Balance Restored

I’m back! It has been a crazy three weeks. I was super busy preparing for my Master’s defense on May 31st. I gave my presentation, answered all the questions correctly, and passed! All that’s left is to obtain some signatures, which I learned today that I can do via scanning and e-mailing, and I will be the proud owner of a new piece of paper!

Also attended a wedding with twin last weekend. Super fun, and as always we spurred our table to dance like the world was ending.  We joked about being professional wedding guests. We are so silly.

The biggest news however is that on Monday I became a new homeowner and am now in the process of remodeling the house I/my parents bought (don’t worry I’m paying them back). Can’t wait till everything is done. I move in on the last week of June. Housewarming party may have to wait depending on the remodeling schedule. In any case I’ll wait to post pictures until the remodeling is done. I am doing some before and after shot magic.

Anyways over the next week I will be working on catching the blog up starting with my trip to bbqfest in Indiana and also the velvet hammer release from Arbor Brewing Company at Corner Brewery.

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