Back to the digital desk

I’ve been pretty productive and busy finishing up my Master’s this past month and a half, so my posts have been few and far between. However, I have a lot of pictures and drafts just sitting and vying for my attention. After yesterday, I’ve met with my Professor for the last time, and the time for my Thesis defense is nigh!

Due to the unfinished status of my Master’s degree I’ve felt guilty doing anything else fun or extracurricular but now that my defense is set for the 31st, I feel a great burden lifted nd I can put all my heart into my future projects and endeavors. I am extremely excited about my future and these coming month and next couple years. Time will see if any of it prove fruitful.

Going to work on the two or three posts that encompass my trip to Indiana last week. So much happened that one post wouldn’t do it justice. Stop by soon! I hope you are all s excited to read about it as I am to share it with you.


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