I’m Back!!

So after a two month break, I finally made time again to update my blog. Like before I’ll likely just fill in the past two months with double posts. Ironically, my Mexico business adventure was what prompted the hiatus. Which¬†then got extended as the whirlwind of life kept me busy, and ultimately too lazy to post. And I plan on having everything caught up during my next foray into Monterrey Mexico this month. It started in Mexico, and there it shall end as well.

This last weekend has given me lots of time to recover. I spent it with some great friends, and we had some great times. The end of our bender that started on July 4th. We watched movies, cooked food, and ultimately I neglected to take pictures in lieu of being so enveloped in the moment. I did manage to snap of pic of our ramen adventure at Matsuchan on Sunday before we watched 16 episodes of Attack on Titan.

I leave you with it.



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