2012 Cask Fest

So I’m watching the Three Musketeers in 3D as I’m writing this. I’ll end the post with what I think of the movie. But until then, let me fill you guys in on what we did this weekend!

This weekend was yet another exciting hangout with my buddies. The Ashley’s 2012 Cask Fest was a lot of fun! The weather was gorgeous and we were lucky that it was so nice out.

The framboozled got tapped!

We’ve been frequenting Ashley’s Westland, and we were told that since the event was so large it was mandatory for every employee to be there. So we were able to see, talk to, and hang out with our usual servers. We also met (learned the names of) some of the bartenders and hostesses. We discovered it was Erin’s birthday so we made sure to wish her a happy birthday! And hopefully she had fun even though she was tending to the drunken patrons (e.g. us).

E-name Buddies! Happy Birthday Erin!

Our regular server Ashley!

Trevor and Jonathan manning table 3!

Met some new friends, well the same ones as I met at the Dogfish 120min IPA event. We were having a blast and it was fun getting to hang out with people that are usually too busy to talk and hang out.

My friends from the 120min IPA release!

Talking and drinking with Roy the co-owner

Trevor and Roy enjoying delicious mystery sour.

Roy’s wife, we got a picture with him, so we thought we’d get one with her as well!

What was supposed to be the granitebock ended up being a mystery sour from Germany. We know that it was made in Bad Staffelstein in Uetzing. But I think we are getting closer to figuring it out. I refuse to give up! *UPDATE* After some research, the Uetzing location was where the actual keg was made. I believe the mystery sour may be this beer: Sour Smoke Wheat Ale but without further verification I can’t be certain. There was a few things printed on the cask. Who and where the cask was made, Fassbüttnerei Weis in Bad Staffelstein/ OT Uetzing. The importer was printed on the side of the cask, and that’s the B. United International. Also printed on the cask was German for CFC-Free, and the volume of the material inside, as well as the pressure within the barrel (3 bar) *END UPDATE* But other than that we had some delicious beers and although we had only intended to stay until 5 PM at the latest, we ended up leaving at midnight or so. Everyone had an amazing time and I’m happy to have spent it with friends at one of our favorite bars!

A portion of the allies

Later on the Allies started playing, and we were happy to listen to them and even got to hang out with Chris afterwards.

Was happy to hang out and talk with the Short’s representative, Sean

I look forward to the next event that Ashley’s decides to host.

Now that Three Muskateers has finished, I can say that it was pretty awesome. I’d watch it again, and the 3D was done nicely. You noticed it was there, but it wasn’t distracting. I was also a huge fan of the villain being much more skilled than the hero. I would almost say the Muskateers bordered on being anti-heroes. They are rapscallions that fight for a greater good. Thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “2012 Cask Fest

  1. Dude! I would have moved out of the way in your first picture (the front of the building one) if I would have known you were taking a picture. It was my first Cask Ale Fest even though I live about 3 miles away and go to Ashley’s once or twice a month. Had an awesome time. Great job with the pictures, I always forget to take them. Let us know if you figure out the mystery beer.

    1. Haha no worries! The picture was just to show the people outside with the sign. So it was fine that you were in it.

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