Halloween in Ohio

So I’m back! So about a week or 2 before Halloween, I received a call from my cousin Ellen informing me of a block party that her school (Ohio University) sponsors for Halloween. They close down most of the downtown area and it’s a pretty big party with tons of people dressed up. Sarah and I decided to go partake in the festivities.

Ellen’s Welcome Basket. There was also a bag of goodies. Mine had pop tarts and licorice!!

We drove in on Friday the 26th where Ellen had prepared some welcome baskets for us.

We were a little hungry, so we went to O’Betty’s which I found off of Yelp. She was impressed that I had “done my research” and we proceeded to have some delicious hot dogs!

The next day, we went to the Farmer’s Market, and then were supposed to go to a Corn Maze in West Virginia, but a lot of the day was rained out. So we were chasing some of her friends around, before we headed back and got ready for the party. There isn’t a whole lot I can say that the pictures below can’t say for me. So I’ll leave this post short, and let the pictures be worth a thousand words.


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2 thoughts on “Halloween in Ohio

  1. Still mad you never come to see me. Also, Wet Vagina is for losers. Why do you think I only visit it for a few hours at a time? Har har!

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