It’s only a flesh wound

It’s been a rough couple days. Sliced my finger pretty good while cooking at a dinner party with friends. I’ll post a progression picture as it heals for those that can stomach it in the future. Then on the way home got pulled over for speeding because I didn’t see the speed limit changed for 30 MPH for 2 miles. In the immediate aftermath of the incidents, I was pretty despondent. I vowed to be a hermit for 2 years, when the points disappear. I have a pretty good support system between my family and friends, and so while I don’t think I’ll be off gallivanting in the countryside anytime soon, I don’t think you’ll need to be able to navigate through a forest to reach my mountain cave home. With some advice and knowledge from friends I decided I’m going to try to go to the court to plead my case and hope for a point reduction. I’ve never done it before so wish me luck!

I had a pretty good idea for a video for P!nk’s “Try” so I might try to rally some people to make a quick and easy video for it.

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