End of Year Crunch

So it’s coming down to the end of the year! Christmas is right around the corner. I’m happy to say I managed to finish my Christmas shopping last week. Granted I started months ago, so I didn’t have to spend like 400 dollars in 1 month. I’ve got my New Year’s resolutions all queued up, and some great projects in the pipeline for next year as well!

Here’s a sneak peak at one of my resolutions: I am going to attempt to minimize my use of Facebook and Twitter. Primarily Facebook. I’ll keep it active, but I’ll probably only let my blog and YouTube/Vimeo post to it. I think I’ll end up with a lot of extra time this way. I already deleted it from my mobile applications.

I’m looking forward to seeing friends this holiday season, and finishing Paul’s wedding video. Hope everyone is ready for the Holiday season!

Will & Lindsay's Christmas Tree

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