In preparation for St. Nick

Almost that time of year when a magical man with a white beard and red pajamas visits all the houses in the world. I hope everyone’s getting pumped. Not much to report on, other than the delicious florentine cookie sandwiches we made.

Eggnog Florentines
Florentine Cookies with Eggnog Icing

Preparing for my New Year’s Eve Eve party by working on a playlist for it. Also started my “Just Dance” workout again. Easing into it, played for 30 min today and my legs are tired. Need to ramp up to my 1 hour routine again. I’ve got my resolutions for the new Mayan b’ak’tun! Those will be posted after the new year though. Then probably I’ll make a page to help track it. There are big plans, BIG PLANS I SAY!

Working on Paul and Jamie’s Wedding video right now. I have a lot of the big chunks done, but it’s how to link them together that I’m trying to think of a good way to do. I’m hoping inspiration will strike in this next week.

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