Royal Oak Restaurant Week

So I delayed writing this post by a day so I could add the pictures from our trip to D’Amato’s Italian Restaurant. Just barely made my Tuesday cutoff.

It’s Royal Oak Restaurant Week from March 1st to the 10th, and my cousin Ellen is back in town on her spring break from Ohio University!


We decided to celebrate her arrival with a trip to D’Amato’s to check out the restaurant week menu.

20130305-06 20130305-07

Everyone ordered off the restaurant week menu, and the three boys also ordered a martini. I had the Pomegranate. It tasted like a gummy bear. I have the ingredients, so I’m going to try to replicate it.


I ordered the Goat Cheese Salad for my first course, Stuffed Eggplant for my second course, and the cinnamon sugar donuts with cinnamon marscapone for dessert. The food was delicious, though I wish I had slightly larger portions for my picks. The calamari and Bruschetta that my cousins and friends ordered seemed to have a lot more substance to it than my salad, and their entrees seemed to be disproportionately larger as well. The food was delicious, and I had enough to be full that’s for sure. Don’t know if I would go there again personally, but the food was good! Nothing like spending time with friends and family over delicious food.

20130305-08 20130305-09
20130305-10 20130305-11
20130305-14 20130305-15
Stuffed Eggplant

Scallops with Sausage on a Pesto sauce


Cinnamon Sugar Donuts served with Cinnamon Marscapone


Torta Caprese

I also ordered a few gifts from Thinkgeek for Garrett and Savannah, so while I was at it I grabbed myself a new watch and used my geek points to also grab a Bag of Holding for free with purchase of $80+. I’m pretty happy with the bag. It’s huge! I didn’t expect it to be as spacious as it is. The watch is fun, I wish it was waterproof. I’m so glad to have a watch again after being so long without one. I used to be inseparable with my watch. I’ll take a picture of it for the next post I make.

20130305-05 20130305-04
20130305-03 20130305-02

Oh yeah also I bought some blood oranges. They taste similar to normal oranges, just slightly sweeter….maybe? Think I’m going to try to make a tart out of the rest of them.


Ellen’s birthday is on Wednesday so we’ll be going to Black Pearl in Ann Arbor to celebrate. So this should be a pretty fun-filled week. I decided to start posting a video of me singing a song on Thursdays just because why not?! Constructive criticism is always appreciated and also requests will be taken!


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