February comes to a close

So I’m back on schedule…I think. Tuesday posts, starting to actually do my Just Dance 4 exercising since I’ve put zero effort into losing the weight I proposed to for my new year’s resolution.

I’ve been thinking about what else to write about. I think the Tuesday post is a good for summarizing what I’ve done this past week. I originally started this blog so that friends could see what I’ve been up to, and see pictures and such. It was a way to ween off Facebook and still stay semi-connected. Maybe meet some new people through comments and random readers. But I think I need some more content. The cooking show (once we get into the right rhythm) will fill a Sunday post. Some ideas I’ve had: Gaming post, since gaming is a pretty important part of my interests and free time I can do a short post on that once a week or once every two weeks; Singing post, post a video of me singing a random song on Fridays cause I enjoy singing; or a Review/Random Musings post, I generally read or watch something that I would like to share and maybe start a discussion about in the comments. Let me know what you think!

Moving on. Not too much happened this past week. Though I think I posted the last blog post only a few days ago so I guess not much has happened that I could write about. On Saturday Dante came over and we prepared to do our cooking show. He came up with the idea for Stromboli, and it was pretty easy to make. Just took some time for the pizza dough to rise. It was delicious! I really need to get our cooking shows up and running, but trying to do some things with the production value of them before I post them.


Afterwards, we watched some more anime while playing some video games and eventually Will and Garrett dropped by. I gave Garrett his birthday gifts, one of which was a foam sword I got from Thinkgeek. I had purchased one for myself so we went outside and had a battle royale. It was awesome. Oh yeah I also bought myself some Portal 2 Coasters that are pretty awesome. I’m pleased.

Portal 2 Coaster

Warning Sign Coasters

Sunday John had been preparing to make us Coq Au Vin for a long time, and the day finally came. We converged at his house at 3 in time to watch him flambĂ© the chicken. Then we made mashed potatoes for the coq au vin to be served on. It was delicious! For dessert he had french vanilla ice cream with sander’s hot fudge. It was a scrumptious meal that he planned as French themed.

022613-004 022613-009
022613-008 022613-007
022613-006 022613-005

Unfortunately I had to run out soon after eating, as I said I would meet Will and Garrett at the theater to watch Escape from Planet Earth as part of a celebration for Garrett’s birthday. While I enjoyed it, it wasn’t particularly novel but it had a pretty all-star cast and an entertaining concept.

After the movie, Will and Lindsay rented Sinister and I had wanted to see that despite my penchant for turning into a 6 yr old child when watching horror movies. I headed over and was freaked the hell out by the movie. I had previously read the plot synopsis and I still was creeped out. A very well-done movie, and then I had to walk home by myself. Luckily my friend Luke kept me company and protected me from evil demons by talking to me on the phone on my walk. I was not as paranoid as I would have been had Will and Lindsay not put on a much more terrible B-list thriller on afterwards, thank god for that. Still when it came to try to sleep I couldn’t help but let my imagination run too free. Luckily Nami protected me as I clenched her tight as I attempted to snooze. As you can see I made it through the night without
incident, here’s hoping that continues.


2 thoughts on “February comes to a close

    1. Sword fight video, I’ll be sure to tape it next time.
      Anime: Psycho-Pass, Phi Brain, Sword Art Online (It’s over now), Fairy Tail, and I’m about to start Code Breaker

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