Vodka Tasting Party

Still not on time, but at least within the week I was supposed to write. I had started writing this blog post on Monday, but then got waylaid by work, friends, and cooking endeavors.


So last weekend John had a Vodka Shot Tasting party for Charity. For some crazy reason, he owns 52 shot glasses which works out to divide well for a deck of cards. So he bought 13 vodkas, and got the ball rolling – well the vodka flowing. Each vodka was designateda  number, and the party was done as a blind taste test. Each person paid whatever they wanted for the shots of Vodka, and the proceeds were donated to charity. When you bought a shot, you picked from a deck of cards, and that determined your selection.

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20130222-03 20130222-04
20130222-07 20130222-06

Stephanie had brought a breathalyzer so we had fun with that most of the night. After the party, we went to Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak followed by Leo’s for some delicious drunken eating. A great night, and my voice went hoarse while rocking out at the bar.

20130222-11 20130222-12
20130222-13 20130222-14
20130222-15 20130222-16
20130222-17 20130222-18
20130222-19 20130222-20

In the aftermath of the party we all were told the vodkas that we drank, and that we managed to raise $244 for the Gleaner’s Food Bank charity!

42 Below – Product of New Zealand.  Distilled from grain.  42% alcohol per volume.
Ciroc – Product of France.  Celebrity endorsed by Diddy.  Distilled from grapes.
Crystal Head – Product of Canda.  Comes in a skull bottle.  Celebrity endorsed by Dan Akroyd.  Distilled from grains.  Crystal filtered.
Imperia – Product of Russia.  Distilled from wheat.  Crystal Quartz filtered.
Kru82 – Product of the Netherlands.  Distilled from grain.  Comes in a reusable water bottle.  41% alcohol per volume.
Luksusowa – Product of Poland.  Distilled from potato.
Rusian Standard Original – Product of Russia.  Distilled from wheat.
Sobieski – Product of Poland.  Celebrity endorsed by Bruce Willis.  Distilled from rye.
Svedka – Product of Sweden.  Distilled from grains.
Square One – Product of Idaho.  Distilled from rye.  Organic.
Tito’s – Product of Austin, Texas.  Distilled from corn.  Gluten – free.
Belvedere – Product of Poland.  Distilled from rye.
Stoli Elit – Product of Latvia.  Distilled from grains.




The next day I went to see Will as his birthday was on the Monday and hung out with him, Lindsay, Lindsay’s mom, and the kids for dinner. Lindsay cooked meatloaf and it was very good! I’ve never had homemade meatloaf before so I was pretty pleased.

20130222-21 20130222-22
20130222-23 20130222-24

After all the festivities, it’s been a hectic and busy week finishing up four projects at work. Hence the delay to this week’s post! I managed to make it out to Bar Louie for burger tuesdays with John, Jon, and Jon which was fun. And on Thursday I made a delicious pulled pork lunch everyone at work so that was a pretty awesome highlight. It ended up being 6 lbs of pulled pork and so John, Sarah, and Dante came over last night to finish off as much of it as we could. While we did a good job, I still had enough for lunch today as well! Looking forward to cooking this weekend too!

2013-02-21 18.27.41



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