Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

John’s stand-up routine in a less than packed house on February 12th.

So it’s Valentine’s day and to make up for my late posts, I wrote one today! Catch John’s stand-up while it lasts, I think he’s taking it down after the holiday.

No date again this year, but I’m not sweating it. John and I are going to Buffalo Wild Wings like we did last year to curmudgeonly observe this holiday. We did it last year on Wing Tuesday, and it just so happens to be Wing Thursday today! Coincidence? I think so. I guess since we’ve done this two years in a row now, it’s a tradition? It reminds me of the anti-Sadies party we had in high school with Ali. Oh that’s where I met the harpist that was on the Disney Reality show Totally in Tune. She was cool.

Sorry I’m slow on the cooking shows, I haven’t had time to edit them, but we keep filming them bi-weekly so I’m starting to get backed up. Expect them to be posted starting in March. Trying to improve the production value so it’s taking a little longer. Thanks for your patience!


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