Black Friday and Thankgiving Hangout

Not much to report with this post. Not much has happened since the holidays, but I’ve been enjoying the lull in activity. Especially with so much of it in such a short period.

After Thanksgiving, I chose to boycott Black Friday until the last few hours of it. I really dislike the idea that it now starts during the day/during (what should be) Thanksgiving dinner. I feel like with the advent of the internet and online shopping and even Cyber Monday, the whole notion of Black Friday is evolving into something despicable. Plus, aside from the doorbusters, most of the Black Friday deals can be found in the weeks leading to Christmas. There wasn’t really anything that appealed to me, so I ended up just staying in and playing Just Dance 2014 with my family.

My Black Friday Haul
My Black Friday Haul

The next day, I enjoyed a nice lunch with my parents and headed back home to prepare for my 10 year high school reunion. Before then I headed out with Dante to pick up a few things at Best Buy. I managed to snag Season 1 and 3 of Walking Dead for less than $40. I grabbed Season 2 on Amazon for 20 bucks, and soon I will have a Walking Dead Marathon weekend party. On the way back we also stopped at RIW Hobbies. to pick up some board games and a few Christmas gifts. They had some amazing Black Friday deals and I totally recommend stopping by there next year. Plus it’s supporting local business!


On Saturday I had the usual suspects over to hang out and to catch up. We had a great time playing Just Dance 2014, drinking, and talking. I can’t wait to see these blokes at Christmas time!

I had a great holiday weekend and there were a lot of fun events. I’m sure as the days ramp into Christmas, things will only get busier and more exciting! Stay tuned.


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