Skiing with Dante

This weekend Dante and I went up north to my parents vacation house. He had never been skiing before so the burden of teaching him fell to me. After the 4 hour trek to Shanty Creek we prepared for the lessons in the morning.

After a delicious breakfast, we headed out to the slopes. There were some technical difficulties with his skis but we figured it out.

Dante learned fast and was nice to teach because he wasn’t afraid to fall or go fast but I found he was thinking a tad much. He caught on pretty fast and just¬†wanted to practice.

We headed to downtown Bellaire that night and had a delicious pizza at Moka. After dinner we headed to Short’s Brewery, There was a great cover band there, The Crane Wives.

The next day we headed out for four hours in the morning before we went home. Dante warmed up once on the magic carpet and headed to the chairlift. He did very well on all green slopes except Queen’s Corner/Belle’s Bottom. As our time on the lift ticket ran out, we prepared for our return trip home.

An amazing weekend and I look forward to the next ski trip I have!

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