The Inaugural Movie Wednesday

This Wednesday marked the beginning of Movie Wednesdays! This all started when Pat invited me to see Thor: The Dark World a couple months back, and we went to Rave Cinemas in Ypsilanti. On Wednesdays they have some kind of discount day or whatever their catchy marketing phrase is, and the tickets are half off (in this case $5.25). I was like man this is a great deal. So months later I realized I hadn’t done anything with my realization and Movie Wednesday was born.

This week’s inaugural gathering consisted of myself, Elson, Pat, and Jill. We saw The Lego Movie and it was FANTASTIC. I would definitely go see it again. It was really hilarious, and had different levels of comedy for children and adults alike. At least I think so… I highly recommend seeing this with friends, family, significant others, the hitchhiker you picked up on your way to the theater so you wouldn’t feel weird seeing a movie alone, or your dog. The plot was really good, and while it had a tangible “feel good” family lesson for kids notion about it, I thought it was done in a very creative way.


Now I have done nothing to elaborate about what it is! The only thing you need to know is that it’s every two weeks, which I believe means the event is bi-weekly, and that it’s at Rave Cinemas. Next time it’s Robocop.

Also I made a Spinach, Grape Tomato, and Basil Penne for dinner at some point this week. It was delicious, easy, and fast. Definitely will make it again. I served it with a baked potato and sprinkled some Parmesan on it.


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