Belgian-fest & Birthdays

This past weekend was the last weekend for Belgianfest and given my cousin’s penchant for fruity beers, I thought she should come and check it out. Also we were able to jump my car and get it started today with the help of AAA roadside assistance. Yes, we had to resort to that, but the portable jumper was exactly what Bruce needed. Gotta be careful about that in the future. Also this weekend was Garrett’s birthday celebration which I was able to attend after Sarah arrived and Bruce was revived. I almost had to miss it!

Sarah came over a little after lunch so she could write her dissertation and also save Bruce. After Bruce was revived, I headed over to Dave and Buster’s where the party was being held. Apparently they all got there at 2 PM, and when I was on the way (at 4 PM) they were JUST getting seated. The Dave & Buster’s in Livonia just recently opened, so of course there’s a mad rush to be there all the time. It’s similar to when the Cheesecake Factory opened.

I have personally never been to a Dave & Buster’s, but I had heard all about it so I was pretty excited. Turns out it’s basically a classier Gameworks. Remember Gameworks? There used to be one at Great Lakes Crossing when my friends and I were in high school. I digress, I got there and it was packed. Even the parking lot was packed. I had to park halfway on a snowbank, or else who knows how long I would have been there waiting for a parking spot. Once inside, I found Garrett and the gang and hung out with them a bit. Mike insisted we go play some games, so I bought a game card and we went around the arcade area. We ended playing Guitar Hero as well as Pump It Up. Was nice to see my DDR skills didn’t fade too much since high school, just my endurance. I should probably play that again too, would be a good way to lose weight and get in shape.

At about 6:30 I had to bid the crew farewell as Sarah and I had to meet Elson and Will Ko. at Ashley’s for Belgianfest! Mike and Beth ended up meeting us there as well and we all had a grand time. There was even trivia going on that we did reasonably terrible in. We had fun though, and isn’t that what counts?

Afterwards we stopped by Will’s again to catch the birthday boy before he went to bed and also watch Escape Plan. I really liked that movie. Would definitely watch it again.

Was an eventful weekend. I had a lot of fun, apparently the hermit life isn’t for me.


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