Catching up on life

So I am now like five posts behind, including this post. So nothing like sitting at the bar while catching up on posts and drinking delicious beers at Ashley’s during a beer throwdown. Tonight is Paw-Paw Brewery vs Atwater. More on that later as I’m not done drinking and also that this post is being written in the future for the past. Wrap your brain around that one.

This past weekend I got to lounge about and relax. As much as I enjoy hanging out with friends and doing fun things, it is nice to get to just sit around and be a bum at home. This weekend I had intended to watch Sherlock season 3. But on Friday evening Sarah called me and asked if I wanted to join her for dinner at Buddy’s pizza. Turns out Dante was coming as well so the three of us met up and had some delicious pizza. It was Sarah’s first time at Buddy’s so I felt i had to come and hang out. After having the Bank’s pizza from Bestawan Pizza in California I always get the same toppings.

Saturday I cleaned the house a little and then played games while I waited for John to come over. He’s storing a lot of his media at my house in preparation for travel and plans on doing a humble bundle type giveaway for charity. We made a pork tenderloin paprika pasta and ate the leftover white bean, sage, and sausage soup I had. Afterward we watched Sherlock season 3. It was great! I can’t wait to see the next two seasons. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take two year for each season.

Alright time to try to catch up the rest of my posts tonight. Happy reading followers.


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