Beer Throwdown 2014: Semi-Finals Round 1

Ashley’s Beer & Grill in Westland has an annual Beer Throwdown where breweries compete against each other for most beers sold that night. They bring in ~6 beers each (on draft of course) and whoever sells the most pints that night advances to the next round. The competition starts in January and follows a Bracket style tournament. This week was Paw-Paw Brewery vs. Atwater Brewery.



I threw my support down for Paw-Paw that night, partially because I haven’t tried any of their beers, and partially because I am not particularly fond of a lot of the Atwater beers I’ve tried. That’s not to say that they’re bad; they’ve got some great flagship beers, but nothing that I particularly love.

I was joined at the event by Elson, Kevin, Dave, and Mike. Everyone tried at least 2 beers, and when the Paw-Paw rep came by, he even gifted us some hops. Kevin and Dave are going to make some kind of delicious beer.

The next day we found out that Paw-Paw won this round! We’ll see them in the finals! But the next match-up in two weeks will be Right Brain Brewery vs Epic Brewery.


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