Pizza Party


So last time I had a “No chain store pizza party”, which basically meant you can’t bring Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, etc. Each person brought a large pizza, and we all learned about new pizza places that were more local and had unique pizzas. I still go to Curry on Crust since that party to grab a pizza.

This time I thought it’d be fun if we made our own pizza. Made dough from scratch, Dante made homemade pizza sauce (I was too lazy to do that and got store-bought), and we all brought toppings and baked some pizzas. Ben even showed off his pizza throwing skills and taught a few others to do so.

I also made Blood Orange Sorbet. It was turned out really well, sweet without adding a lot of excess sugar and it was a nice light finish to the meal.

I hope to have more culinary adventures with this crew.


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