Two Friends in Columbus, OH

Two Friends is an EDM artist that I discovered during one of my YouTube rabbit holes. Their song Out of Love featuring Cosmos was what turned me on to them. Since then they’ve released a handful of other singles, my favorite being Just a Kid. They were performing in Columbus, and I took that opportunity to also visit Mikey and soon-to-be mother Tracey.


Upon arrival, Luna was very enthusiastic to greet me. Their corgis are always boundlessly energetic.

We headed out to Dahlia, which he’s never been to. Two Friends had two openers that were local talent. The first was DJ B-Rob. Overall I liked his set, his most memorable moment was when he played No Scrubs. There were a lot of people ordering bottles on the VIP stage, so occasionally you’d see Grey Goose and Ciroc LED holders emerge from the crowd. It looked like the VIP area was enforced pretty leniently, so Mikey and I made our way to the better vantage point.

DJ Corrupt was up next. Too much bass for my taste, but he had a couple interesting choices. He played All American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret:

and Blink 182 – Adam’s Song:

Two Friends came on and put on a great show. There was an inordinate amount of alt rock songs that I was not accustomed to. It was pretty awesome.

Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Khalid, Galantis, Chainsmokers. It was a great mix. I have come to appreciate Chainsmokers – Rozes in EDM sets. It’s a great song for dancing and it remixes really well.

I think my favorite song by them right now is Just a Kid:

Two Friends_20180221_010

They finished off their set with the first song of theirs that I knew. Out of Love:

Right at the end, when people were ready to go they played Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer, which was awesome.

When the concert was over at 2 AM, Mikey and I headed over to PJ’s. He introduced me to this last August when we stopped by after the 24 hour Ultimate Frisbee event I came to. At that time I told him I would get a Fat Bitch the next time we visited, and I kept my word.

The Fat Bitch consists of: Buffalo Chicken Tenders, Beer Fries, Mac and Cheese wedges, mozzarella sticks & ranch. It was delicious.


The next day we just hung around the house and played Monster Hunter World, Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, and made some steak sous vide. Tracey also made a delicious cake!

I hope to get to visit them again soon!



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