Cooking with Friends

This past week was filled with food and friends. I am striving this year to not be out of town every other weekend, and I like to think I’m succeeding thus far.


Last Wednesday, Joyce came over to visit and make dinner. I met her through Sarah and she’s a lovely human being. We don’t get to spend enough time together. Her husband is also awesome, but is even busier. So we set up a plan to see each other at least once a month to catch up. She came over and I made a vegetable penne dish.


On Saturday I had made plans to go to Matsuchan for lunch with Kevin. Definitely one of my favorite ramen places in southeast Michigan.

I tend to always get the shoyu ramen. I think I like the simplicity of it. I’ll have to branch out in the future.

Our Sunday dinner parties are back in full force. This week’s theme was vegan. Understandably, we drew a much smaller crowd this week than normal. My contribution to the dinner was a ginger-carrot soup and a royal cranberry sorbet (from my Jeni’s at Home book).

In preparation I made my own vegetable stock, because it seemed like a cheap way to get a lot of stock. It was.

Ben came and we made vegan wontons. His filling was really well-made, the texture was great. We boiled some and also pan-fried some.

Vegan Dinner
Left: Carrot-ginger soup with fried leek garnish. Right: vegan wontons
Royal Cranberry Sorbet

We only had 4 people attend, but everyone ate their fill. It was delicious and surprisingly filling. Not all vegan food need be terrible, we proved that Sunday.


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