A Thankful Year

It’s been another event packed year. Luckily not as much as last year, but China seems so long ago. Yet it was still 2018. I’m making a concerted effort to try to keep a pretty relaxed schedule the rest of the year. Primarily so I can catch up on some of my games, the blog, and house things. Here’s hoping.

Ever since I started at Laser Mech, I’ve been running to stay in shape. It started as a way to overcome the weakness in my lungs from childhood asthma, and now it’s turned into a fun past time that I can share with family and friends.


I’ve done the Heroes on Hines, Detroit Marathon, and Turkey Trot for the third year in a row now. My Trilogy is complete. This year Dan and his kids joined me. The brothers were competing, and so Dan and I decided to stay with them. He took Noah, I took Josh. Josh won, by a couple minutes. It was bitterly cold (22°F ) but we finished in a very reasonable 32:21. I’ve come full circle. This was about the time I ran at my very first 5K, when I struggled to stumble over the finish line. This was a very different experience however. I had time to have a conversation while running. I even pulled my phone out and Instagram live’d for a bit. I am astonished by my own progress and look forward to what else I can accomplish.Thanksgiving_20181128_002

Afterwards I headed to my parents house for Thanksgiving. The last time we would be celebrating Thanksgiving in my childhood home in Troy. They were preparing to sell it as my dad was retiring. So we toasted to the old house and enjoyed the company of family as we ate our fill.

I had zero contribution to dinner this year, but there was already plenty of food. My mom even got a pumpkin pie from Mabel Gray. I think it was because I suggested we go there for her birthday. It was rather interesting, I think on top of the pumpkin part of it, there was a cheese layer. Brie? Fontina? I don’t know. It was tasty.

Happy Thanksgiving, be sure to reflect on that which you are thankful for and all the fortunate things in your life. Focus on the positives and make your own luck.


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