2019 is here

It’s been a crazy week! So much has happened and it all culminated with another year!

As is tradition, I threw a New Year’s Eve Eve party. This would be the 8th party since I started doing this in 2011. It started because I wanted to have people over, especially those from out of town, and normally people have New Year’s Eve plans.

I was very excited to have people stop by that I haven’t seen in quite a while. There’s nothing like catching up over some drinks. Admittedly I also enjoy watching people interact with each other.

Last year’s party was dominated by Rock Band and shots I don’t remember taking. This year I kept my memory loss to a minimum by avoiding shots completely (except of course the start of party shot). This year the entertainment star was the Nintendo Switch with Smash Bros, Mario Party, and Mario Kart occupying the TV. It was a really quite a blur. I can’t tell if it was the alcohol or the frenzy of friends that I was floating between, but the night went by super fast and it’s hard to recall all that happened. Every year the party is a blast, and while I always fret that people won’t have things to do, everyone ends up having a great time.


The next day, after I recovered I pulled myself together and headed out for Marinos’ Annual New Year’s Eve Party. He really outdoes himself every year. The place is decorated impeccably and everything is arranged in a thoughtful and ergonomic fashion.

It was great to see old faces from college and catch up with a handful of friends I don’t see very often. I wish we had more occasion to spend time together, but we’re all busy people with busy lives so I’m fortunate that Marinos has an event every year where I can catch them all at once.


It was a great year – let’s see what 2019 brings!


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