Dinner Party: Hachis Parmentier

I’ve been watching Shokugeki No Soma for a long time now. We’ve had Shokugeki dinner parties as a result. Not in the sense that we’re having food battles, but that we make the dishes in the show. We chose the dish based on a late season 3 episode.

Hachis Parmentier

Turns out it’s pretty similar to a shepherd’s pie. And so instead of the classic version, we decided to make the version that Erina, Soma, and Joachiro craft. Instead of ground beef, they make a medium rare steak, wrapped in a crepe with the potatoes cooked with sardines and cheese. Everything is served with a bordelaise sauce.

3 different steak cuts: Skirt, Ribeye, and Strip

So we grabbed some suitable meat, what i didn’t know is that Jill was going to also grab some steak. So we ended up with a ton of different steaks to “test out” the difference.


Jill cooked the steaks, and made a sauce with the drippings.


Ben was in charge of the Potato Galette.


And I made the crepes.


We assembled everything together and voila! It turned out pretty decent.


As always, I think there are things I would change for future iterations. Mostly in our process, and how we did the potatoes. But it still looked decent and tasted pretty good.



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