The Day I Was Never Home

It has been an exhausting day. Well exhausting isn’t the right word, I suppose tiring would be more apropos, but even that seems to indicate some sort of negative connotation. What I mean to express is that I woke up at 8 AM, left for work and didn’t step foot in my apartment again until 12:24 AM. I suppose it’s just been busy – fun but busy. Went to work – had a blast there, went to school, visited Sarah, went to BDubs with her and John, went to Will’s, stopped in at Trevor’s on the way up to my apartment, then finally back in my apartment. And now I’m sticking to a semi-routine and writing  my blog even though it’s 2:11 AM. *pats self on back* Had to skip out on the exercise today, but I did a lot of running around today, so hopefully I burned off any of the calories that went over my limit from eating at Buffalo Wild Wings; boy was it delicious though.

I’ll make an easter post another day. There are just too many pictures, so I may just write a blurb and add a gallery at the end. Still sending out my feelers about the full potential of wordpress.

I did Savannah's Hair!

I can however share with you the first official BBQ at Will’s house! On March 25, 2012 we journeyed to his abode. It was a blasty blast. We fired up the grill and went on a cooking spree.

A father showing his son how to flip kielbasa

I got to spend some time with Lindsay’s cousin and cousin-in-law. And we all enjoyed the great weather.

Finally it was time for food!

De-Beer-Can-ing the Beer Can Chicken

Finally some downtime

After-dinner relaxing

Finishing dinner

Then to finish off a great day, we made a bonfire and had great conversation whilst basking in the glow of the fire.


Well that’s all. I’m off to Indiana after work and then back on Sunday. I’ll see you then! Thanks for stopping by.


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