Superbowl 2013

Hello netizens! I’m pretty sure I’m late to the game for using that phrase, but better late than never right? So it was bound to happen, but I’m at my first failed resolution. I resolved to post every Tuesday, and this is my first late post. I lasted about a month, but I can only hope I don’t miss more. But I have a really good reason! Work has been super crazy, hectic, and fun! Also I’ve been playing a fair amount of Guild Wars 2 again. Oh well, on to the actual content!

The superbowl was this weekend! I’m not a huge football guy, but I enjoy watching it – even more so when I’m with friends. Dante hosted a superbowl gathering at his place and we made it a potluck. Most people  would have pizza, beer, chips, and wings; not us though, instead we chose to have asian style chicken-wings, swedish meatballs, homemade salsa, taco dip, green beans with bacon, rolls, and baked alaska for dessert. Oh also wine, 3 types of it that John brought.

Dante and I filmed the third episode of our cooking show before the Superbowl. We made taco dip and homemade salsa for the game. Admittedly we were a little rushed because I still had to make my contribution to the potluck after, but everything was delicious.

Taco Dip Salsa
The spread Enjoying the game and the food

Dante was cheering for the Ravens, I cheered on the 49ers, and John explained how football worked to Sarah. It was her first football game that she watched in its entirety in the states. John was a great teacher! During the power outage that occured in the second half, I finished my baked alaska. This time it didn’t melt!

The cake Applying Meringue
Baked Meringue Cross-Section of Baked Alaska
Slice of Baked Alaska

Sarah, Dante, and I already talked about how to further improve the baked alaska for second attempt sometime in the future. I’m pretty excited at that prospect. I also want to try to replicate the recipe at Saul’s that I saw on food network for individual baked alaskas topped with rum caramel.

Alright, It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve so enjoy yourselves! Eat up! Be merry! I’m taking lots of pictures so expect a food-laden post this coming Tuesday….or tomorrow.

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