Jimmy’s 24th Birthday

I’m now on month 10 of 12 for seeing Jimmy every month.  This weekend I went up to celebrate my compadre’s 24th year on the planet. I set out with the appropriate gifts for the occasion –  a new Moen showerhead and the core set for Netrunner.


I must admit the showerhead was partially for me. Given the frequency of my visits, I decided that I wanted a nice place to shower. 🙂

I got to see the entire Downs clan, and it was quite enjoyable. I even got to meet a group of Jimmy’s friends and we played Magic: the Gathering. Fixed Kyle’s deck a bit and we had a good time playing.

Can’t wait until March for my 2nd to last visit to complete the goal/promise I made in May. Maybe I’ll drag a Dante down with me next time.


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