Nestorovski-North Wedding

This past weekend I flew to Houston for Dan’s wedding. I was really flattered to have been invited. As is oft the case, time and distance causes people to lose touch, but when Dan texted me out of nowhere with an invitation for his wedding I was really touched. Even after all this time he thought to invite me to share in this special moment of his life. So i booked a ticket and a hotel and a month later flew out to celebrate with him!

It was really fantastic to see some of the people from our dorm hall in Alice Lloyd that I haven’t seen in over 8 years now. During the ride over and the pre-ceremony time we caught up and it was great seeing where everyone is currently and has been since our days at UMich. The venue was gorgeous. There was a lot of attention to detail, and it shone through the entire event. The ceremony was just really beautiful and sweet. I’d write more about it all but I think the pictures will say more, so let’s start with some of the venue!

I of course took many selfies with my friends.

At 10:30 they brought out a bunch of Chicken-Honey biscuits from Whataburger. There were piles of em, but they were devoured by the end of the night.


The groom’s drink was called the Grinning groom. That was what I drank all night.


It’s Grey Goose on ice. Classic Dan.

When it was time to find our tables there were peaches laid out, and on the peaches were your name and your table. The peach was delicious too!

The various ceremony pictures I took. Also speeches, their bubble exit, cutting cake, etc.

It was fantastic seeing everyone again. I hope there will be more occasions to catch up and hang out with them all in the future. Congratulations Dan and Laura!




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