Short’s Anni Party 13irteen

This is now the third year I’ve attended Short’s anniversary party. I hope to do this every year possible. It’s a fun event, and it’s a good excuse to hang out with friends an drink. This year we added to our crew! Everyone had a great time, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see them again next year.

Every year, I find Scott Newman Bale and Leah Shorts and snag a picture with them. They’ve remembered at this point and I’m happy to be able to get these pictures with them!

Shorts13irteenAnniParty_20171114_010 Shorts13irteenAnniParty_20171114_022

It’s not a Short’s Anni Party until I see our golf neighbors also attending.


Of course there was a great variety of beer…

…but I loved that Short’s had a plan to facilitate more beer consumption.


Short’s has always been a great supporter of music, and this year was no exception. They held their first Battle of the Bands competition. The winner of which was the first act that was playing.

May Erlewine & The Motivations were up next.

Laith Al-Asaad of The Voice fame was the final act for the night. He was great live, it’s no wonder he did so well on the Voice.

We drank late into the night, danced to great music, and had a grand ole’ time.

A fantastic time with friends. I can’t wait until next year.





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