A Disney World Adventure: Typhoon Lagoon


Disney World has two water parks. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. When I was 10, we went to Typhoon Lagoon. I remember very little about it, I think I mostly hung out in the lazy river and a lot in the wave pool. We had planned a day for the water park, weather permitting, and luckily the weather worked out. I wanted to go to Blizzard Beach since I hadn’t been there, but I was told it was more geared towards kids, so we decided to head to Typhoon Lagoon instead.

The best thing at Typhoon Lagoon is its giant wave pool. That thing is probably the best wave pool I’ve ever been in. They alternate between giant 7′ waves and occasionally they do a more gentle ripple for those that prefer not to get washed over by the larger waves. We spent a lot of time in the wave pool. It was amazing.

I don’t remember much besides the wave pool from being a kid, so at some point I checked out the slides. There were 3 body slides I think, and they were probably my favorite slide attraction there.


The water coasters were okay. There was a large 4 person raft ride, Gangplank Falls, that was entertaining, but not my favorite.

At some point, Sean and I let Skyla go explore on her own. He and I went to get some food and then checked out the Miss Adventure Falls raft ride. Also a bit lackluster.



We made many trips to the lazy river. It was a relaxing way to get around the water park. The lazy river went through the perimeter of Typhoon Lagoon, so you could use it to traverse to a different part of the water park.

I still want to check out Blizzard Beach sometime, but maybe when Lori and the Dude go. Until then, I’m a huge advocate of Typhoon Lagoon!


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